How To Comfortably Host Out of Town Guests (When Space is Limited)

Sep 30, 2022 | Interior Design, Space Saving

That special time of year is coming – and so are your guests! There’s nothing worse than having to find a makeshift place for guests to sleep, and of course visitors don’t like to sleep on lumpy couches or blow-up air mattresses on the floor. Even if you give up your own bed to your guests, you end up being uncomfortable and displaced, and the whole house feels out of balance. 

This holiday season, prepare for visitors by investing in a new wall bed from Wallbeds n’ More in Pasadena, California. Add a top quality hidden bed to your home to comfortably accommodate guests while using that same floor space for other purposes throughout the year. 

wall bed being opened

Wallbeds are Comfortable and Functional

Just because a wall bed folds down from the wall does not mean it has to be uncomfortable, and in fact, murphy bed comfort has come a long way from its invention many decades ago. Our wallbeds at Wallbeds n’ More are made to hold a standard mattress, so that you can choose the perfect comfort level for you and your guests. 

Whether you prefer a firmer surface or a softer bed (or even want to use an existing mattress you have at home), our wall bed frames can accommodate mattresses up to 11 inches thick. Our locally crafted murphy beds use a special mechanism that allows even heavy mattresses to pull down from the wall with ease, so that you don’t have to worry about pinching your guests’ fingers or damaging the furniture. 

Many people wonder what size is a murphy bed? The answer to that is there is… no one size! We offer many of our wall bed styles in twin, XL twin, full, and even queen wall bed sizes.


Customize and Add Amenities to Make your Guests’ Experience Delightful 

Each one of our showroom staff members is an expert in helping you to customize your new murphy bed furniture to meet the needs of your home year round, whether guests are visiting or not. 

If you would like an extra space to work from home or your child needs a study area, we highly recommend choosing a wall bed with a desk. This furniture unit will also benefit guests who need to work while visiting by providing a quiet, private space. The guest room and home office combination will also support your family’s productivity when you are not hosting visitors. 


Wall Bed Cabinets Can Also Increase Storage 

If you need to store items that you don’t necessarily want on display (keeping the room tidy), you can choose to incorporate solid wall bed cabinets made of real wood. These cabinets are a great place to keep extra linens, blankets, and other amenities. 

If you would prefer to use shelves to display collectible items or artwork, we can also help you customize your wall bed with open shelving and lighting. In this way you can showcase artwork, collectibles, or photos. Add style, elegance, and personality to your room with a customized piece of furniture. 


Order now for Delivery and Installation Before the Holidays

While the holidays may seem far away, they are actually rapidly approaching. Since each one of our wall beds is made in the USA, with the option of being delivered and installed by our expert service team, ordering now is essential to preparing for your guests to have a comfortable place to sleep when they visit. 

Most of our wall beds take between six and 14 weeks from the day they are ordered to the day when they are installed in your home. If you need something quicker, another option is to call and ask about our in-stock models (which can’t be customized). 

Occasionally we have showroom models for sale that can be delivered and installed faster, but don’t wait until the last minute as those are quickly spoken for in the rush before the holiday season. Come visit our showroom to look around and choose the wallbed that’s the best fit for your space, and check out our specials that are available too! 


Call to Make an Appointment

Our showroom is located at 1382 E. Walnut Street in Pasadena, CA, and we are available by appointment only to ensure every client receives personalized attention. Give us a call at (626) 233-8544 to take a guided tour of our showroom and ask our friendly Wallbeds n’ More  associates any questions you may have. We will also demonstrate how easily the beds fold down and back into their cabinet along the wall. 

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality wallbeds, giving you a great customer experience, and helping you select customizations such as wardrobes, bookshelves, USB ports and tabletops or desk beds. We can’t wait to provide you with a great customer experience and we look forward to helping you prepare for loved ones to visit! 

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