More than ever, a home office is necessary for many people and now even unexpectedly! Sometimes, sacrificing that guest bedroom or extra space is just not possible. No need to fret, you can have the best of both worlds! The home office with Murphy bed solution is growing more and more popular! Murphy beds offer a fast and inexpensive solution to the growing need and trend to work-from-home. With Wallbeds n More Pasadena, you can seamlessly transform any space into a home office!

At our Pasadena showroom, we offer multiple configurations for those looking to create a home office with a Murphy bed and desk combination. When folded up, some of our wallbeds gain a dual function as a bookshelf. When unfolded, the storage is still useable so there is no need to be constantly removing and adding your items. This is perfect for a home office situations where you would only accommodate guests periodically.

Turn Your Guest Room Into a Home Office

You no longer need to dedicate an entire room to a guest bedroom with a murphy bed! Now, your home office is available when you need it. Additionally, when you need to transform the room back to a guest room, all you must do is fold the bed down. In seconds, the space is ready for guests again! This is perfect for homes that accommodate families during holidays or random times throughout the year. WIth a wallbed, you can truly make the most of your space instead of reserving it for the few times a year it is occupied by visitors.

Your guests will enjoy the comfort of a Full or Queen sized bed with a mattress thickness of up to 11 inches! The best part is the bed can be folded up with the sheets and bedding included! This means you don’t have to even remake the bed when it is time for guests.

When you have a wallbed equipped with a desk, the transition is so simple! Your desk does not need to be changed or altered at all when the bed folds down. One of the best advantages of murphy bed is the change from the guest room back to a usable office space is fast and easy. No more moving of furniture, redecorating, or anything more than the folding up and down of your new wall bed!

Create More Space with a Desk

Our Pasadena showroom offers multiple styles for wallbeds that can be modified with a desk. Additionally, we have models that have the desk built-in like our Hidden Bed product. If you would like something a bit more stylish, we have bookshelf wallbeds that can have attached desks, cabinets, and piers. This all adds more functionality and storage space to your existing home office, without sacrificing the dual purpose.

We have a selection of straight desks, l shaped desks, curved desks, and more! If you would like to learn more about these options and which wall bed model accommodates them, contact us today!

Optimize Your Existing Space

Murphy beds allow you to maximize your home’s square footage without any renovation or remodeling. Your guest room can easily be made into a home office with a simple addition of our wallbed. Now, your home office has the ability to transition into a luxurious guest room within minutes with one of our desk wallbed styles. Wallbeds are the best way to ensure your living space can now have both an extra room for when needed and a work space for every other day of the year.

Wallbed Delivery and Installation for New Your Home Office

At Wallbeds “n” More Pasadena, our goal is to make the purchase process as smooth as possible! This means from when you buy the wallbed to when it is installed, we want you to have the best experience possible. Our wallbeds can be delivered and installed ready to go! This means no complicated instruction or installation manuals. Simply tell the install team what room you would like your wallbed and shortly you will be ready to have a dual function room!

Not only does our delivery service bring your new wall bed and desk straight to your desired room, but we will install every part of the furniture. Additionally, it will be secured and safe! Call today and schedule a wallbed delivery before your holiday guests arrive!

Visit Our Pasadena Murphy Bed Showroom

Our Pasadena showroom has the highest quality murphy beds in all of the southern California area! We stand by the products we sell, knowing they will last you a lifetime. Our murphy beds are made with the best materials straight from the U.S. Each bed is constructed with real wood, that is strong enough to last through the years and uses.

Not only are our beds high quality, but they are also beautiful and come in a wide variety of styles! We have modern wall bed options in addition to classic murphy beds. No matter what the inside of your home looks like, we have the murphy bed to match. We are open by appointment only so contact us and let us know when you want to come by! A wallbed expert will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.