The murphy beds available at Wallbeds n More Pasadena can be utilized in many ways! A murphy bed is a great choice whether you want more space or want a dual-function room! Here are the top 5 ways to use a wall bed in your home. From home office needs to studio apartment owners looking for more space, our wallbeds can make your life easier. 

Home Office To Extra Room in Seconds

One of the best ways to utilize what a wall bed can do for your home is to simply add a desk! You can easily have a stylish home office space that transforms into a bedroom in a few easy steps. With more of the U.S working from home, having a home office is vital. Murphy beds are a great buy especially if you do not want to sacrifice the space and keep your spare bedroom. Having a bed that folds up during the day now gives you the ability to have a beautiful office and room in one! Rochester Wallbed - Wallbeds n More Pasadena

Home Gym at Day, Bedroom at Night

Wallbeds come in many different styles and sizes. For home gym solutions, you can purchase a more discrete wallbed that looks like a wardrobe or cabinet than bed. Wall beds do not take up much space whatsoever! This allows you to build out your home gym to your desire. When the gym is not in use, the bed can be folded out and be a perfect space for guests, in-laws, and more. The best part of a murphy bed is that it gives you the flexibility to convert any space into a bedroom without that being the main purpose of it.

Wall Bed for Airbnb or Verbo Spaces

If you want to occasionally rent out a room or living space to guests, a wall bed is a great option. Preparing the room for their stay is as simple as pulling down the bed! With a murphy bed, that space does not need to be a permanent guest bedroom until you’re ready. Not only that, but the transformation is simple and hassle-free! Additionally, a wallbed allows you to utilize the space as whatever you want when guests aren’t visiting. Pairing an Airbnb/Verbo space with a murphy bed is a great way to add an extra guest bedroom to your home with no renovations or space sacrifices! 

In-Law Suite Made Easy

Wallbeds are great for growing families! You can keep a space reserved 24/7 for your visiting parents or in-laws with a murphy bed. The plus is your room can be whatever you want when they aren’t in town. Homes have a finite amount of space, and adding a dual function ability to your room is a game-changer. This is especially beneficial in small homes. Forget about airbeds or sleeping on the couch! With a murphy bed, your guest bedroom can be anywhere you can fit a wallbed. Not only are they stylish, wall beds are also lifetime quality purchases that you can use for decades. 

Optimize Your Studio Apartment/Small Space

Murphy beds are a great tool if you are living in a one-bedroom apartment, small home, or studio apartment. In a studio apartment, you no longer need to have your bed taking up space until you’re using it! With a wall bed, you can fold up the bed and make use of the extra space for your needs. In one-bedroom apartments, your bedroom can become something entirely different! Wall beds allow you to no longer be confined to a one-use room. Within seconds, the bed is out of sight and out of mind. 

The Top Wall Bed Supplier in Los Angeles

At Wallbeds n More Pasadena, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service. We can assure you our wallbeds are made with the best materials and are built to last. No matter what your space situation is, we have wall beds here that will fit your functional and aesthetic needs.  Our store is open by appointment only and is open at your convenience. Give us a call at (626) 233-8544 to schedule your visit and find the wall bed of your dreams!