When you are trying to create more space in your home, often you don’t have a lot of options! If costly remodels or expansions are out of the question, looking into murphy wall beds to create space is a great solution. With a wall bed, not only can you transform a room in seconds but they are also a cost-effective way to optimize your living area. 

At Wallbeds n More Pasadena, we sell the highest quality wall beds in the Los Angeles area and also aim to help our customers make the most of their homes and apartments.

What Is A Wall Bed/Murphy Bed?

In short, a murphy bed (also called a wall bed or wall bed) is a bed that folds up into furniture to seamlessly hide when not in use. Wall Beds work great for apartments or homes where you need to have a dual-function room. For example, your guest bedroom can be turned into a home office! All you need to do is fold the bed out of the furniture or fold it back up to convert it. 

Murphy Beds are a great space-saving option no matter if you’re looking to turn your bedroom into a home gym, playroom, office, or more! Our wall beds come in a variety of styles and finishes which make them perfect for any decor or personal style. They can be statement pieces or blend into the room as inconspicuous accent furniture.

Murphy Beds Are Cost-Effective Harmless Renovation

If you want a cheaper, faster, and more efficient way of transforming a space, wallbeds are perfect. Renovations, remodels, and extensions take time and a lot of money! With a wall bed you don’t need to change anything in the room other than adding your new piece of furniture. 

Library Murphy Wall Bed Open - Saving Space in Your Home

Murphy beds are high-quality pieces of furniture that will last throughout the years! This way, you can have a long-term room renovation made with a simple installation of the wall bed. This is a great alternative instead of the months of work and countless bills from a remodel. murphy beds are a one-time purchase that gives your room a dual function ASAP.

Why A Murphy Bed Is The Right Choice for You

Murphy wall beds are perfect for people trying to make the most of their homes and apartments. No matter the situation, there is a wall bed that can make your life easier. 

Want a space for the in-laws to visit? A wall bed can be ready the minute they walk through the door! Once they leave, it can be folded back up into a playroom for the kids. Our furniture is great for on-the-go families who need their homes to adapt to their lives, not the other way around. With a murphy wall bed, you have more control over your space and don’t need to be tied down to a single function for a room. 

Wall Bed Options for The Los Angeles Area

At Pasadena Wallbeds n More, our styles can fit your every need. If you are in need of a home office, our wall beds can be customized with desks, cabinets, and more! Additionally, we also have beds that take up as little space as possible like our chest beds or hidden bed. If you would like to see what we have to offer, you can visit our wall bed page or see our current specials. 

We do believe that experiencing a wall bed in person is the best way to find the perfect furniture for you. Our store is open by appointment only, so please give us a call at (626) 233-8544! You can schedule your appointment and take the first step on saving space! We promise your experience with our Pasadena Showroom will be of the highest quality from start to finish. Contact us today.