Room to Learn and Grow

With babies, children, or teenagers in the house, space can get a little tricky. It’s always nice to have a room that serves multiple functions no matter what age your children are. In the nursery stage, a quiet room with a wall bed can be excellent for grandparents or another caregiver staying over.

In the preschool and elementary years it can serve as a foundational learning space, and middle, high school, and college students can use it as a quiet place for studying, leisure, and storage. At Wallbeds n’ More in Pasadena we have every resource to help you create the most practical, stylish, studious, and comfortable room for your child. 


The Infant and Toddler Years

A Los Angeles wallbed furniture unit might not be what you think of when you think of a nursery, but it actually helps a great deal to have caregivers able to be near to an infant or toddler during the night whether they are up nursing around the clock or are sick and need comfort.

Having a Murphy bed furniture system for a baby’s room that provides a twin, full, or queen size bed for their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or others who come to visit when the baby is young is a fantastic way to keep the rest of the busy household separate and create a quite, restful place for baby and adults alike. 

The customizations on our murphy beds also provide maximum storage for all of those essential baby items you need. Store tiny pieces of clothing in our many different drawer add-ons. Wardrobes and cabinet systems can also be used to store clothing, diapers, blankets, toys, shoes, and books. 

Use our glass cabinet door options along with spotlighting to highlight special photos, family heirlooms, or keepsakes for your little one to enjoy and appreciate in his or her room as they grow up. A murphy bed with a desk may seem silly for an infant or toddler’s room, but the adults who watch them will enjoy the comfort and your child will later use it as they learn reading, writing, and study habits.


The Childhood Years

The best part about a wall bed system is that as your toddler outgrows their crib, this hidden bed can transition to their own bed so there’s no need to buy an additional piece of furniture. We have a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes featured on our wall beds – there is no doubt you will be able to find the perfect one you had in mind for designing a beautiful nursery that will transition well to a stylish room for an older child.

When your little one is in preschool or lower elementary school they are working on their foundational skills such as reading, writing, and math often using tangible items called manipulatives. Here’s how a wallbed can assist your child with learning. 


Wall Beds with Desks

Having a murphy bed furniture system that includes a fold down table or desk is perfect for this age. With wall beds that have desks, children can use the space for learning, practicing letters and numbers, drawing, and play which helps to develop their growing brains. 

Think of a table top for tea parties, Legos, train sets, or puzzles that can also transition to homework time and be the perfect area for completing creative projects away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home.


Storage Galore!

The storage systems are endless with your choice of desk drawers, cabinet systems, bookshelves, and more. Your little one can store all of their favorite stories on their murphy bed bookshelf and even have a special light that they turn on at bedtime to encourage reading together as a family or independently.


Upper Elementary and Middle School Years

Upper elementary school and middle school students are caught somewhere between childhood and adolescence. They can benefit not only from having a functional wallbed system to help them stay organized, but also a specific, quiet, designated place to work on homework, do independent reading, study for tests, and complete projects. 

As children transition from elementary to middle school they often have a barrage of new teachers, subjects, and schedules along with extracurricular activities that keep them busy and this quiet place will be a welcome retreat from the chaos.


Add Custom Storage Options

Including a wall bed with bookshelves, a wardrobe system, and multiple storage functions like drawers and cabinets can also help children of this age to keep their sporting equipment, school supplies, textbooks, and other items organized. It’s also more fun for kids to make their beds when they fold right up into the wall… a bonus for parents tired of hearing kids complain about tidying up! 

This age often has trophies or awards to showcase as well, and here at our Los Angeles Wallbeds n’ More showroom in Pasadena we offer glass cabinets and lighting that can be perfect to display such items.


High School and College Years

High school and college students may want to upgrade their bedroom decor to a more sophisticated look, and the wall bed furniture units can easily be transitioned by adding more adult bedding and interior design features. 

Our murphy bed desks are ideal for this age group as not only can they complete their studies in a quiet area and have storage space like their younger siblings, but they can also utilize extra floor space. Young adults will appreciate the extra room whether they want to practice yoga, work out at home in their own space, or other activities like video games with friends long into the night (away from the rest of the family)! 


Los Angeles Wallbeds are Ideal for Every Age

With something for every age group, a wall bed makes perfect sense as the single piece of furniture to follow your child from infancy all the way through adolescence. At Wallbeds n’ More in Pasadena, California you can schedule a tour of our showroom with one of our friendly sales associates.

They will show you how easy it is for all of our beds to pull down and fold back up into the wall. While at the showroom, you can view a variety of wall bed sizes, wood types, and finishes and test out different mattresses to choose your preferred firmness or softness level. 


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