At Wallbeds n More in Pasadena, California, innovation meets functionality with our wide variety of unique bedroom storage solutions. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional furniture and embrace the transformative power of our space-saving designs. When you explore our showroom, a California Murphy bed can mean many different things, such as a bookshelf Murphy bed style, wall bed desk combos, or even wall beds with tables. Our showroom is a veritable treasure trove of possibilities for creating a bedroom that’s both stylish and efficient!

Bookshelf Murphy Bed: Where Style Meets Functionality

If you are struggling to find space for your extensive book collection or art pieces while also maintaining a comfortable sleeping area, look no further than a bookshelf Murphy bed. These ingenious pieces seamlessly blend a stylish bookshelf with a cozy bed, providing the perfect solution for those who crave both functionality and aesthetics. Transform your bedroom into a versatile space where you can relax, read, and rest – without compromising on style.

A California Murphy Bed Brings New Meaning to “California Dreaming”

Bring the essence of the West Coast into your bedroom with a California Murphy bed. Designed with the California lifestyle in mind, our sleek and minimalist style beds offer a perfect balance of comfort and sophistication. You and your family will experience the luxury of space as these beds effortlessly fold away, revealing a room that feels larger and more inviting. Discover the beauty of a bedroom that reflects the laid-back charm of California living with any of our Murphy bed furniture units.

Wall Bed Desk Combo: An All-in-One Workspace

In this period of remote work and flexible lifestyles, a dedicated workspace at home is essential. Our wall bed desk combos at Wallbeds n More provide the ideal solution. By cleverly combining a desk with a comfortable bed, these multifunctional pieces allow you to create a home office that won’t make you compromise on sleep quality. Say goodbye to the struggle of finding a balance between work and rest; our wall bed desk combos effortlessly merge the two.

Wallbeds with a Table: Dining and Unwinding in Style

Imagine having a dining table magically appear when you need it and vanish when you don’t. With our table wall beds, this dream becomes a reality. Perfect for smaller spaces, these creative designs make mealtime and entertaining a breeze. You can transform your bedroom into a dining area, a game night hotspot, or a creative space with the simple pull-down of a table attached to your wall bed.

Let Us Make Your Wall Bed Dreams Come True!

At Wallbeds n More in Pasadena, California, we understand the challenges of maximizing space in your bedroom without compromising on either style or functionality. Our collection of unique bedroom storage solutions, including bookshelf Murphy beds, California Murphy beds, wall bed desk combos, and wall beds with tables, is designed to cater to your diverse needs.

Visit our showroom and let us help you transform your bedroom into a space that reflects your unique style and offers the ultimate in comfort and practicality. Schedule an appointment at our showroom by calling (626) 233-8544. We can’t wait to show you around!