In addition to immediately saving you space, murphy beds can increase your storage space with the addition of cabinets! No matter the model you chose, a cabinet can increase your storing abilities in a stylish and minimal way. The cabinets blend seamlessly into the wallbeds, and pair well with any decor style! At Wallbeds “n” More Pasadena, all of our wallbeds can be customized with finishes, hardware, desks, and cabinets!

No matter if the bed is in use or not, the cabinets are functional and beautiful. Additionally, they come in many different options. You can add multiple cabinets, piers, and more!

Extra Storage For All Occasions

Converting your spare bedroom into a playroom is made even easier with additional cabinets! Not only does your murphy bed fold up easily, but now you have the room and space to put all the kid’s toys away. Adding an extra pier only further adapts your room into a multifunctional space-saving area!

If you are looking to have a spare bedroom and home office combination, the addition of extra storage is helpful for any documents, resources, or tools you need for work! When the work time is over, all of your items are stored away stylishly and nicely. Now there is no more need for extra file cabinets that stick out like a sore thumb. Our cabinets are beautiful, stylish, and elevate any room they are in.

Drawers can be added below the cabinets to hold supplies conveniently anytime you need them. This avoids clutter and allows you to store any materials out of sight when they are not needed. Adding a wall bed cabinet allows your room to look more spacious and tidy! All of this with the convenience of a hidden bed stored against the wall, ready at a moment’s notice!

Customizing Your Wallbed Cabinets

Our wall bed cabinets come in a variety of sizes, styles, wood types, and finishes. You can choose solid doors in different wood styles, finishes, and hardware. The options do vary depending on the murphy bed model that you like best, but each option has many styles to pick from!

Once the wood type is chosen, you can also select the finish that best matches the color and style of your home. Our many different models have enough different finishes that we guarantee it’ll match you room!

Additionally, you can add cabinets on just one side of the unit if you have a very small space. If the size of your room allows, we also have options for cabinets on each side of the wallbed! No matter the murphy bed you pick, we can create a more uniform, symmetrical look or an asymmetrical option! Our Murphy beds with cabinets come in twin, full, or queen-sized models perfect for you or any overnight guests to enjoy.

Los Angeles Wallbeds Near You

At Wallbeds “n” More Pasadena, we sell the highest quality murphy beds in the Los Angeles area! Our murphy bed experts will partner with you to help you choose the type of wall bed that meets your needs and suits your budget at the same time.

When you make an appointment to visit your showroom, one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members can assist you in trying out the different wall bed styles and exploring all of the different customization options available. We aim to make the shopping experience simple and enjoyable. Contact us today to schedule your Wallbeds n More Pasadena Appointment!