At Wallbeds n’ More, we design our furniture with the needs of our clients in mind. We create custom-built, high quality murphy beds that allow for more space. Our interior designers love to help design a more spacious feeling that accentuates the cleared floor space from a wall bed. Just follow these handy tips to make your bedroom feel larger and your room more comfortable. 

1. Choose Specific Paint Colors to Enhance Your Space

While lighter colors are typically used to make a room look larger, the specific ones you choose can also have an impact on your mood. 

  • Pale blue shades offer relaxing and calming feelings to any room, and they work especially well in bedrooms as they can be paired with other light shades such as white or tan for ceilings, doors, and trim.

  • Light green can also open and brighten up your space while lending a similar relaxing vibe as a light blue. Whether you choose a seafoam green or a muted sage green, you will enjoy the benefits of feeling that the room is light and fresh while also spacious. 

  • Natural colors are also excellent choices for making a room look bigger and brighter and if you are using slightly off-white or taupe, those colors can make rooms feel more expansive without seeming too stark. A slightly darker earth tone can give a pop of color on an accent wall while still keeping a neutral palate. 

  • Cool grays are another excellent option that is more interesting than white, but still add depth and height to your space. If your room is limited in natural lighting, you’ll want to make sure to pick a lighter shade of cool gray rather than a darker one. 

  • If you do want a more modern feel, you can go with a soft black, dark blue, or brownish gray, but try painting just one accent wall so that the rest of the room continues to feel open.

  • Painting the ceiling can also be a great way to make sure the room draws the eye upward. Try using a light shade such as white, tan, or a lighter version of the color on the walls to turn heads upward and visually draw the eye vertically. 

2. Try the Ceiling Curtain Trick

When you are mounting your window treatment poles, be sure to mount them close to the ceiling or actually at the very top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. By hanging curtains up high, you elongate the feel of the wall and eyes are drawn upward toward the top of the curtain. Even though the room is no taller, curtains hanging from the ceiling give an illusion of added vertical space. 

3. Put Away Items in Cabinets or Drawers

By simply decluttering your room, you make the space feel larger than it actually is. The experts at Wallbeds n More can help with high quality wall bed furniture systems that have built-in storage solutions.  

We have professional team members who can help you to design the best murphy beds for your home. If you would like to enhance closet space by adding a built-in wardrobe or armoire to your hidden wall bed or you’re looking for wall beds with desks, we can assist! 

Adding a table top or including custom built drawers and cabinets to store items are all ways we can help you get organized and maximize your small space.  Cabinets and drawers are especially helpful at storing things out of sight that are not that do not enhance the feel of relaxation. An organized space is also good to calm your mind and bring stress relief.

4. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Make sure that you take advantage of all of the space in your room from the ceiling to the floor especially if you have a small room square footage wise. When you mount artwork strategically, try adding staggered shelves in geometric patterns or with live edges. You could also incorporate a tall house plant to help your room seem to stretch higher than their actual dimensions. 

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We look forward to meeting you and helping you decide what customizations are right for you – from wall beds with desks to wall beds with bookshelves, and all other high quality murphy beds in between!