Between work commitments, family time, visits with friends, and other obligations, finding time for fitness can often feel like an uphill battle, and carving out a dedicated space for exercise can make it seem like even more of a daunting task. But what if there was a way to actually integrate your workout space with a guest room in a multifunctional space? This innovative concept of a home gym with a hidden bedroom, is possible with a Murphy bed furniture unit from Wallbeds n More in Pasadena, California.

A Home Gym with Something for Everyone!

Located in the heart of SoCal, our Wallbeds n More showroom offers a range of ingenious solutions to transform your living space into a workout center and bedroom combined. From a contemporary Southern California Murphy bed style to a rustic cabin look, you can utilize every inch of your space with one of our multifunctional models. With creative guest room design, you can easily create a home gym bedroom, with a hidden bed in wall as the star attraction. By making a room in your home dual-purpose, you will quickly realize all kinds of new possibilities for productivity, relaxation, and hospitality at the same time!

Maximize Space with a Murphy Bed

Also known as a wall bed or bed in wall, Murphy beds have been revolutionizing small homes and apartments for decades. But what size is a Murphy bed? At Wallbeds n More, we are proud to offer Murphy beds in a variety of sizes, so that you can find a perfect fit for any space. From twin to queen dimensions, at our showroom, you can choose your Murphy bed frame and select a mattress to suit your style, needs, and comfort level.

By integrating a Murphy bed into your home gym, you can combine functionality with versatility in brand new ways. During the day, your bedroom remains discreetly tucked away, allowing plenty of room for your workout equipment, yoga mat, or other physical activities. Then, when night falls or guests arrive, a simple fold-down system transforms your gym into cozy guest quarters, complete with a comfortable mattress. It’s the epitome of enjoying space optimization without having to sacrifice comfort or style!

Guest Room Design Meets Home Gym

The perfect home gym should both inspire motivation and facilitate focus. We recommend beginning to design the room by selecting calming yet energizing colors to enhance productivity during workouts while maintaining a tranquil ambiance for guests. Consider incorporating natural light sources, strategic lighting fixtures, and house plants to create an inviting atmosphere.

Flooring, Mirrors, and Storage Additions

If you want to make a multipurpose gym room, it’s important to invest in some quality flooring that can withstand the rigors of exercise equipment – while also providing a comfortable surface for yoga or stretching. You can also purchase specialized mats that go under your exercise equipment to make it less likely that your original floors will get damaged. 

Mirrors are also excellent tools for monitoring form and maximizing space perception, serving dual purposes in both fitness and guest accommodation areas. Additionally, thoughtful storage solutions like add-on wall bed piers with shelves or cupboards can help equipment stay organized and accessible, whether you’re storing yoga mats, dumbbells, or extra bedding for your Murphy bed.

Choosing the Right Murphy Bed Mattress

A good night’s sleep is of the utmost importance for both you and your guests. When selecting a mattress for your Murphy bed, try to prioritize long term comfort. You should always opt for a high-quality mattress that offers a firmness or softness that aligns to your comfort level and offers pressure relief for a restful sleep. Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice for their ability to mold to your body, while hybrid options can provide that perfect balance of comfort and support that many people search for.

Personalize Your Space

Finally, don’t forget to infuse your home gym with many personal touches that reflect your unique style. Choose from motivational wall art, potted plants for an added outdoorsy charm, or a sound system to keep you pumped during workouts. With these small details, you can  elevate your space from functional to fabulous!

Become a Wallbeds n More Customer Today and Let Us Help You Make Your Dual-Functioning Room Dreams Come True!

With a hidden bedroom integrated within your new home gym, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You no longer have to face the dilemma of sacrificing space for fitness or hosting guests; now you can do both at the same time! 

Visit the Wallbeds n More showroom in Pasadena, California today by making an appointment at (626) 233-8544 and start the process of transforming your space!