Transforming a spare bedroom into a guest suite and home office combined can be done with a simple unfolding and folding of a murphy bed! While a home office is probably the most popular room to feature a Murphy bed desk combo, our murphy beds with desks can be used in many different ways than an office workspace! Wallbeds ‘n More Pasadena has the experts and knowledge to help you maximize your space! Additionally, you can add versatility to your home. The wallbeds at Pasadena Wallbeds n More are the highest quality murphy beds in the Los Angeles area! Not only are they stylish but are also easy to use. We specialize in using high-quality wood from the USA and employ local craftsmen to build the best Murphy beds on the market. Here are some of the top ways to make the most of your new Murphy bed desk combo!

A Desk Area for Your Kids!

Children and teenagers can enjoy a desk wall bed combination for a variety of fun! From drawing, crafts, to tea parties and video games, a desk gives your kids the ability to be creative. A Murphy bed desk combo is the perfect spot for both toddlers and young children to set up projects like finger painting, arts and crafts, and more. It’s a fast and easy way to create an accessible play space to a bedroom, playroom, or spare room. When the creative playtime is over, the room can easily transform back into a bedroom or sleeping area. All you have to do is fold the bed down and the murphy bed is ready to have a slumber party or provide a spot for an easy nap time. The wall bed and desk combination in your kid’s space can help them develop motor skills by giving them a place to practice drawing, handwriting, and other developmental activities.

Arts and Crafts Area Made Easy with a Murphy Bed and Desk Combo

Another idea for a wall bed with a desk is to use it as a unique area to set up a painting studio or a crafting space. Now you have a dedicated space for crafts and no longer will face cluter in the kitchen, family room, etc. The wall bed desk combo units make excellent workstations for all kinds of crafting equipment and art supplies. Many of our desk Murphy bed combinations can also come with piers and cabinet additions to allow you to store your tools, brushes, and more. Additionally, you can now have a devoted to digital artwork or hands-on crafts in your home without sacrificing space in your bedroom! A Murphy bed desk combo can give you the space for your laptop or computer in one moment while returning to a dedicated bedroom in the other. The experts at Wallbeds ‘n More Pasadena can assist you by picking the top multi-functional furniture that meets your needs best. Whether you are painting, drawing, scrapbooking, do graphic design on a computer, or together models or craft projects, we have solutions for your space-saving needs!

Perfect Space for Studying

Studies show that students that have a designated space to do their homework and do research have greater success at school and get higher grades. Having a the space and desk of their own to complete their assignments will help kids focus on their work without becoming distracted, overwhelmed, or bothered. One of our wall beds with a desk is a great way to offer you or your kids that quiet, focused spot away from the living room, noisy pets, television, siblings, or any other distractions present in the household. The Murphy bed desk combo is an excellent location to set up a laptop, write papers, and get books organized. The convenience of the desk makes getting started on work simpler and having it ready at a moment’s notice allows for little distraction. Most of our murphy bed models and desk combinations can also be paired with additional cabinets, piers, and more! This gives students extra storage space for their books, computer, and more.

Wallbeds n More Pasadena Can Help You Create Your Dream Murphy Bed!

Many of our models come with the ability to add desks and even more cabinets! If you would like to learn more about the specific models we have available, visit our Pasadena showroom! You can see in person the variety of beautiful, locally-crafted wallbeds, many with differing styles of Murphy bed desk combinations that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. There are so many ways that a Murphy bed desk combo can improve the beauty and functionality of your space, and we can’t wait to help you choose the wallbed that works best in your home. Make an appointment at your local Wallbeds ‘n More location or stop by your nearest showroom to browse in person!