Creating a dual functional space that gives your child a personalized space in the bedroom but also the room to play is easy with a new murphy bed or wall bed! No longer do you have to see toys scattered out in the living spaces or other rooms. With a murphy bed, your child can have the space they need to play all in the comfort of their own bedroom.

A wallbed is simply a bed that folds up into a piece of furniture so it is hidden and requires less space. Wallbeds Pasadena has a wide variety of models and styles making us the top wallbed provided in all of Southern California! So how can a murphy bed help fix your current toy issues? It all comes down to optimizing the space in your home.

Giving Kids Room to Play

With a murphy bed installed in your child’s bedroom, their room is no longer just used for sleeping! The space is now that much bigger and can be used as a playroom as well! No longer will you have to ask them to clean up their toys in the living room before guests arrive, or store their puzzles, games, books, and action figures somewhere other than out wide in the open.

Floor Space and Storage!

Not only does a wallbed increase the play space in your child room, it also gives them more storage for their toys, books, games, and more! All of our murphy bed options can be customized with additional piers, cabinets, desks, and more! This gives you plenty of options for how to best optimize the playroom.

When the murphy bed is folded up into the wall, your child now has extra space to sprawl out their activities! Puzzles and larger toy builds no longer have to make in the living space as your kid’s bedroom will finally have the space to expand their creativity.

We even have murphy beds that come with a built-in table! This allows a space for crafts, art, or even homework and studying.

Murphy Beds are Comfortable!

Children and teenagers need between 8 and 12 hours of sleep a night to support their health, growth and development, and to improve their ability to focus in school and extracurricular activities. At Wallbeds n More Pasadena, we assure you our wallbeds are as comfortable as they are functional! Each murphy bed fits a 11-inch mattress of any kind, so you can even use your existing mattress for the furniture.

Additionally, at our showroom, we offer mattresses with different levels of firmness, so that your child can choose the comfort level that works best for them. We can also have fun customizing the unit to match the color scheme and decor of their bedroom.

Safe Wallbed Mechanism for Kids

Our wallbeds are specially designed to be easy to pull down and put back again. The transition can be made by just one person. Most older children are able to pull down their own bed and put it away easily without fear of hurting themselves and without needing to ask for extra help. The best part is, the bed can be folded up with all the bedding and pillows on the bed! You do not have to make the bed each time you unfold the wallbed. When you need to use it, the bed can be ready at a moments notice!

Our murphy beds are made with the highest quality furniture grade wood and are built to last a lifetime! Each mechanism has a lifetime warranty, and we assure you that it will be light and easy to use.

Save Space For Two!

Even if your kids share a room, you can still use a murphy bed model to create a playroom! We have bed options available in twin, allowing the wall beds to be placed side by side like any regular beds. This will give your children the area they need for fun and games, with just the simple lifting and storing of the bed!

With our wide array of woods, finishes, and hardware options, it will be easy to find a look that complements the style of your children and enhances their space with a fun, charming, or even sophisticated vibe.

Add A Desk For Homework Space

Unfortunately, life is not all play! When your child needs to focus on school, studies, or homework, a murphy bed can be a perfect tool!

Not every room can accommodate a bed and desk, forcing kids to do their work out in living spaces which can be distracting and loud. At Wallbeds n More Pasadena, we have many murphy bed options that can be customized with a desk! This allows your child to have a designated study space in the quietness of their own room. No longer do you have to “fit” a desk in the space, it can now work perfectly with the murphy bed!

Create Space in Your Home Today!

At Wallbeds “n” More Pasadena, we would love to help you design the playroom of your child’s dreams! Our store is open by appointment only, so contact us prior to when you want to visit and we will have a murphy bed expert waiting for you!

You and your child can explore our different options online and talk about what types of activities your child would most like to use the room for. Then our expert designers can help you craft a custom piece of furniture made especially for you and your child. Reach out to your local showroom to create more space in your home today!