Rest Well While Traveling

Whether your guests are traveling for business or pleasure, getting a good night’s sleep is essential to making the most out of the time at their destination. At Wallbeds n’ More Pasadena we know how important it is to have a comfortable, restful night no matter where you are. Here are a few tips that you can follow to help your guests get the quality sleep they need. 

1. Avoid Jet Lag

If your guests are traveling across time zones, even within the country, jet lag can throw off energy levels. On top of spending hours on the road or in the air, the change in time can offset one’s circadian rhythm. 

When you know jet lag could become an issue, make plans that will help offset the disruption such as sleep and wakefulness timing. Being aware of simple things such as natural and artificial lighting and taking melatonin supplication can make a big difference. 

2. Movement 

Often, traveling requires long periods of time where you are seated. Being intentional about moving and stretching when possible is highly recommended. This will help to maintain proper circulation along with helping to prevent muscle aches and more serious problems like blood clots. 

Making sure to move throughout the day also helps one’s quality of sleep at night. “We have solid evidence that exercise does, in fact, help you fall asleep more quickly and improves sleep quality,” says Charlene Gamaldo, M.D. , medical director of Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep at Howard County General Hospital. 

3. Stay Hydrated

While drinking water may seem like an obvious way to support overall health, many people don’t realize the importance of staying hydrated while traveling. For example, you may not realize how the low humidity air on airplanes can take effect. Drinking plenty of water helps support energy levels, flushes out toxins, and helps to improve mood and cognitive function. 

When your guests arrive be sure to offer them a refreshing beverage. Water can be more enticing when flavored with fruit, or as a carbonated drink. 

4. Find a Quiet, Comfortable Place to Sleep

There’s nothing quite like the familiarity of one’s own home, but getting a good night of sleep while traveling is within reach, especially when the host provides a comfortable murphy bed. Leaps and bounds beyond a pull-out couch, air mattress, futon, or other styles of hidden beds, your guests will appreciate the luxury of sleeping on a wall bed from Wallbeds n’ More Pasadena. 

You may be asking yourself how comfortable wall beds can really be. To learn more details about our wallbed comfort visit our recent blog post on the subject. 

Having a murphy bed also allows you to hide a bed in most any space. This means your guests can enjoy the privacy and quiet seclusion of sleeping where your home office or exercise room would usually be. 

5. Amenities within Reach

Our clients often opt to add storage space to their murphy bed system. With the cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, and other built-in storage guests can unpack and make themselves at home. This will help them to relax and don’t have to go searching in the middle of the night. 

The following add-ons to your wall bed can help make your guest room more functional and relaxing for travelers:

  • USB ports to charge laptops, phones, and smart watches
  • A nightstand or a table top where you can place healthy snack options, or a glass of water
  • A wardrobe or cabinets in the murphy bed with ample room for guests to hang up their jacket and put away clothing
  • Ambient lighting (rather than bright or blue light) to aid in melatonin production
  • A drawer stocked with amenities such as an eye mask, ibuprofen, and a tissue box
  • Soft linens, plush pillows, and cozy, inviting blankets 


Helping your guests get the rejuvenating sleep they need is one of the best gifts you can give them. At Wallbeds n’ More Pasadena we aim to help you to create a relaxing, comfortable environment for your guests to get a good night’s sleep. 

Make an appointment to visit our Pasadena CA showroom to see for yourself how comfortable our murphy beds are. We will help you select the wall bed model and customizations that will best suit your home’s style and function. Give us a call at (626) 233-8544 today!